The Goods sold through the Site are described by type, quality and quantity. The company is not responsible for any possible differences in the colors of the Goods purchased due to the specificities of the computer screens. The Goods purchase request shall be considered a written consent by the User regarding the type, quality and quantity of the Goods.


Delivery is made to an address or courier office specified in the order. Upon receipt of the Goods, the delivery price is paid to the courier and is not included in the final price on the Site.

A placed order can be cancelled via the contact form, telephone or email.

Payment of the ordered Goods:

       * Payment by bank transfer

  • Payment by credit/debit card
  • Payment by PayPal


Goods that do not meet the quality requirements stated on the Site and/or in their accompanying certificates, instructions for use and others, if any are issued for the respective Goods, as well as those that upon delivery to the User, contain obvious defects are subject to complaint (the color shade difference is not considered a defect and this does not constitute a reason for Goods return!!!). For this purpose, upon delivery the User shall note on the way-bill the presence of obvious defects and/or quantity discrepancy, otherwise the quantity of the Goods shall be considered in accordance with the order and the contract shall be considered fulfilled correctly.

Apart from the cases of quantity discrepancy, complaints regarding purchased and delivered Goods may be made within 14 days from the delivery date.

As per the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), due to the nature of electronic commerce, the Goods received by the customer may be returned without explicit reasons within 14 days after purchase starting from the delivery date, with transport at the expense of the customer as long as the Goods remain in the same condition as at the time of delivery to the customer (including intact packaging).

If a complaint occurs, you can contact us at +359898693087 or email us at

If an online shopping problem occurs, you can contact

Online dispute resolution platform

Purchase Cancellation Policy

We guarantee all our products’ quality. However, if they do not meet your requirements, you have the right to cancel one or more items of the order within 14 days after receipt by contacting us at +359898693087 or email us at

We kindly ask you to take care of the products while they are at your disposal and when you return them to avoid damage or loss during transportation.

Please keep in mind the following when returning the Goods:

Refunds on canceled item(s), after confirmation by our employee that the returned Goods meet the criteria above, are made via the original payment method, i.e. if you paid with a debit card, then the amount will be refunded via credit transaction to the same card within 14 business days of receiving the returned Goods. For payments by cash on delivery method or bank transfer, the amount of the returned item(s) will be refunded via bank transfer to the bank account you specified.

We do not refund items returned after the 14th day of receipt, damaged, used items or items with damaged packaging. In such cases, we will return the items back to you at your expense.

The Purchase Cancellation Policy does not violate the client’s consumer rights in cases of defective/damaged Goods.

User’s Rights and Obligations

The User has the right to view, order and receive Goods from the Site according to the Terms and Conditions specified therein.

The User has the right to be informed about the status of their order.

The User has the right of delivery of the requested Goods to the specified delivery address after telephone confirmation.

The User has the obligation to pay the price of their order using the method stated on the Site.

Each User, whether they have placed an order or not, when using the Site has obligation to:

    * Not violate and to respect the rights and freedoms of the citizens under the Constitution, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international acts to which it is party, the moral rules, good manners and Internet ethics;

    * Not violate other people’s material or immaterial, absolute or relative rights and interests such as property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.;

    * Not commit malicious actions.

MaskPro Rights and Obligations

It has the right, but not the obligation, to retain materials and information used/deployed on our server or made available to third parties by a User, and to make them available to third parties and the relevant state authorities, when necessary, to preserve the rights and the legitimate interests, property and security of and of third parties in the cases when claims have been made for infringement of their rights in connection with used or disseminated information or materials, as well as in cases when the materials or information have been requested by state authorities under an explicit legal provision. 

MaskPro has the right at any time, without notifying the User, when the latter uses the Site in violation of these terms and at the discretion of MaskPro, to terminate the User’s access to the Site. MaskPro shall not be held responsible by Users and third parties for any damages or loss of benefits resulting from the termination, suspension, change or limitation to the access, deletion, modification, loss, untrustworthiness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transferred, used, recorded or made available through the Site.

The User shall indemnify MaskPro and all third parties for all damages and loss of benefits, including any costs and attorney’ fees resulting from claims and/or compensation paid to third parties in relation to the Website, hyperlinks, materials or information, which the User has used, deployed on our server, sent, disseminated, made available to third parties or made available through MaskPro in violation of the law, these General Terms and Conditions, good manners or Internet ethics.

MaskPro has the right to send weekly emails with news to the Site Users if they have confirmed their wish to do so. This letter contains up-to-date promotions, new products, news about upcoming holidays, fresh ideas for gifts and more. MaskPro may not send this email to Users that have expressly stated that they do not wish to receive it.

MaskPro has the right to collect and use information about its Users.

The information in the previous article may be used by MaskPro, except in case of User’s explicit disagreement sent to the following email address MaskPro collects and uses the information to improve the Goods offering and to meet consumer needs. All purposes for which MaskPro will use the information will comply with the Bulgarian legislation, applicable international acts, good manners and Internet ethics.

MaskPro guarantees the privacy of the provided information and personal data to its Users. The latter will not be used, provided or made available to third parties, except in cases and under the conditions stated in these General Terms and Conditions.

MaskPro has the right to install cookies on User’s computers. They are text files saved by the Website on the User’s hard disk and allow the recovery of information about the User by identifying them and allowing to track their actions, the Websites they visit, the hyperlinks they use, the information they use and record, etc.

Personal data protection. Privacy.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, the User has the right to access their personal data which they have entered or made available to MaskPro when using the Site, as well as to correct these personal data.

The Users who have filled the registration form and have accepted these General Terms and Conditions explicitly agree the personal data they provide to be processed by MaskPro electronically upon delivery of ordered Goods or services.

The Users provide their personal data voluntarily for the purpose of their identification in the process of using the Site and it can be stored, processed and used by MaskPro for the purpose of maintaining the services offered and for the purpose of the advertising of Goods and services offered in the retail chain of MaskPro such as receiving newsletters, SMS messages and other news.

MaskPro states that the personal data provided by the Site’s Users are not disclosed to third parties for advertising, promotional and/or any other purposes.

MaskPro reserves the right to use the IP addresses and other Users’ data to disclose their identities in cases when this is necessary, based on duly issued orders of a relevant state authority or to comply with legal procedures, or to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of the electronic commerce Site.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, all notices related to the order and the delivery of Goods through the Site shall be made through the telephones/contact addresses stated prominently on the Site and through the telephones/contact address stated by the User, respectively – including e-mail addresses. The User may be informed for the status of their order at any time from the “My orders” section. The notices made this way shall be considered as duly received until proven otherwise.